Ecuador: Qué chévere!

November 17, 2013  By Garazi Ibarrolaza

Blondie Anchors, Ecuador, Capaes, Guayaquil, Quito,

Today’s post is a throwback to last year’s November. Around this time, last year I traveled to Ecuador with my friend Kim, in order to visit our friend Vanessa, as she was getting married. So far it has been one of the greatest trips I have done. We spent 10 days like queens, we did visit a lot of places and got to know very closely Ecuadorian culture.

I found it very hard to make the selection. I believe these are the most significant and most representative photos of the trip. I hope you like it :) .

Blondie Anchors, Ecuador, Capaes, Guayaquil, Quito,

Event at Vanessa's family house

During our first days in Guayaquil  we did some sightseeing on the city, as well as, chilling at the Tennis Club. The next couple of days we traveled all along the  Ecuadorian coast.  We did our first stop in Las Salinas, where, we had a wonderful lunch at the Yatch Club and we could even enjoy a pleasant journey with the boat. Later that day we headed for the “Sun’s Route” aka “Spondylus Route“. We visited really cool places, such as Montañita. It was amazing.The beaches are gorgeous and the coastline really looks like paradise. As we were with Vanessa, we had the opportunity to eat typical Ecuadorian food. I remember that on our way back we stopped by on a remote place, where we eat a delicious mango pie.

On our way back we stayed for a night in Capaes, a lovely town where we spent the whole day at the beach and the pool.

The next day we drove back to Guayaquil, as the civil weeding was celebrating that night. It was such a nice ceremony, only family members attended to this event, apart from Kim and I, that those days we were also part of the family. :)

Blondie Anchors, Ecuador, Capaes, Guayaquil, Quito,



Blondie Anchors, Ecuador, Capaes, Guayaquil, Quito,

Blondie Anchors, Ecuador, Capaes, Guayaquil, Quito,

Blondie Anchors, Ecuador, Capaes, Guayaquil, Quito,

Blondie Anchors, Ecuador, Capaes, Guayaquil, Quito,



533527_10152309191040354_1620504500_n Blondie_Anchors_Ecuador_7

Las Salinas / Capaes / Montañita

Blondie Anchors, Ecuador, Capaes, Guayaquil, Quito,

Blondie Anchors, Ecuador, Capaes, Guayaquil, Quito,

Civil Wedding
Dress Rinascimento (Lemon Bilbao) / Shoes Cuplé

The following day Kim and I flew to Quito and stayed at Viviana’s, Vanessa’s friend, place. We stayed there for two days and visited the most important places. Quito has a very high altitude (2,850 m) and the weather is nowhere near as good as in Guayaquil. It was crazy! During our coastline route we were enjoying the sun, whereas, in Quito we had to wear jacket and tights. It was al least 10ºC less! The city is very nice, although it’s really polluted and traffic jams can take forever. However, I must admit that is a nice city and have wonderful historical buildings. As you may know, the city center of Quito is part of the UNESCO‘s World Heritage, since it has the best-preserved and least altered historic centre in Latin America.

“The middle of the World ” was obviously one of the must seeing places. It is pretty tricky, though! The thing is that there are two Middles of the World. On the one hand, it is the old version of the Middle of The World, where a 30 meters high monument was built around 1979, as it was believed that the Ecuador passed through this particular place. On the other hand, just 5 minutes far way by walk from here, it is the Intiñam Museum, where there real Middle of the World, according to the GSP, is located.

Blondie Anchors, Ecuador, Capaes, Guayaquil, Quito,



Blondie Anchors, Ecuador, Capaes, Guayaquil, Quito,

Ciudad del Mitad del Mundo / Museo Intiñan / Quito Ciudad

After those two great days in Quito, it was finally the big day. We took a flight early in the morning and arrived in Guayaquil just in time to enjoy a morning at the spa and have a relaxing day with Vanessa before the wedding. In the afternoon, we already started to get ourselves ready for the wedding. It was really exciting to witness how Vanessa was getting ready at the Hilton, while we were having our make up done. There were also some stressful moments and last minutes hitches, but eventually everything went extremely well.


Blondie Anchors, Ecuador, Capaes, Guayaquil, Quito,





Bodorrio Guayaquil 
Dress Ugo Zaldi / Clutch and Shoes Zara

 Vanessa and Agustin got married at the old town church of Guayaquil and the banquet was hold outdoor, in a plaza next to the river, on the very center of the old town. The access was banned and only wedding guests were allowed to get into the area. Everything was lavishly and nicely decorated, it was indeed one of the greatest weddings I have ever been so far. Everything was just perfect, it was even better than a fairytale. I have to admit  though, that during the party we, well I,  drunk to much Tequila ;) .The following day I had the worst hangover ever! As soon as we got on plane I fell asleep and didn’t wake up, literally, until we arrived in Madrid!

Our experience in Ecuador, couldn’t have been better. Vanessa and Agustin made our trip marvelous, they have been wonderful hosts.  Besides,  I am very grateful to their relatives as well, for making us fell like home. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to know such a wonderful country and such a wonderful people. I really wish them all the best! :)

Muchísimas gracias Vanessa y Agustin por este magnifico viaje! Os deseo lo mejor! Un besazo! :)

*As you can see, some pictures were taken with the phone. Excuse photos quality.

Garazi Ibarrolaza
I am Garazi Ibarrolaza, originally from Bilbao but I currently live in Barcelona. Blondie Anchors is my little space dedicated to fashion, where luxury and low cost brands merge in order to create unique outfits. Shoes drive me crazy!

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Hola… que fotos más chulas !!

me encanta el look que llevaste en el boda.. el vestido es precioso !!
saludos guapa !!

    Muchas gracias guapa!


    Así es, está bastante bien. Saludos a Febres – Cordero. Excompetidor de Deportrivia.

    Besos y abrazos,

    A. Daniel

Wow honey!! What a great pics!! Love Ecuador and your style ;-)
Thanx for visiting me! Kiss

Viky — MySecretFashionPoison

Toutes ces photos sont superbe et les looks magnifique

Qué envidia me dan estas fotos! Con este frío que hay en Madrid me iría a un clima tropical sin pensarlo!

    Y tanto que sí guapa! Aquí, en Bilbao, también hace muchísimo frío! Feliz tarde!


Woww amazing trip!! I’ d love to visit equador!

    I really recommend you to go, it’s beautiful! Thanks a lot Francesca!


Que buenas fotos y que envidia!!!

conestiloalcubo Blog // Bloglovin’

    Sii a mi también me da mucha envidia! Ojalá tuviéramos ese tiempo aquí ahora! :) :) Muchas gracias!


Estos viajes son inolvidables! ya no sólo por el viaje en sí que por lo que he visto tuvo que ser espectacular pero sobretodo el compartir con unos amigos uno de los días más felices de sus vidas.
Mil besazos

Fashion Avenue by Adriana

    Así es Adriana! Fue una absoluta pasada y una experiencia, como bien dices tu, realmente inolvidable! Un besi y feliz tarde!!


I wish I could be there right now. Need some sun

Wow stunning ! you are so gorgeous ! xx

No me lo puedo creer que hayas estado en Ecuador!! Yo soy de Guayaquil!! Que chevere que te haya gustado mi país y lástima que no pudiste estar más días pues verdaderamente hay lugares increíbles, pero seguro que volverás! Eso espero! No sabes la ilu que me ha hecho ver este post y más porque en una semana estaré ahí!! Por cierto, muy guapa en todas las pics!!!

    Sii??? Qué guay!! Eres muy afortunada de ser de Guayaquil y de pertenecer a un país tan bonito! Muchas gracias guapa! Un besi!


Vaya fotos!! Quien estuviera allí!! jejejej

El vestido que llevaste a la boda es una preciosidad !! Ses nota que lo disfrutaste mucho !!
Un besazo

    Si la verdad es que lo pasamos genial! Muchas gracias Ana!


Qué buenas fotos!!!! Y tú qué guapa!!


    Thanks a lot honey! I’ll have a look at it right now! ;)


Wonderful selection!!! <3 You are amazing with your green dress!!!


great photos!
looks like a wonderful time

Me encantaría conocer Ecuador!!! que suerte! muy chulas todas las fotos en general pero definitivamente me quedo con la elección del look de la boda…muy elegante…y muy muy guapaa!!!


    SI tienes la oportunidad, no lo dudes, te encantará! Muchas gracias guapa! :)


unas fotos preciosas me encantan.Un besazo
Sorteo de un cheque de 40€ para tus compras en Stylepit.

You seem to have a lot of fun and your dresses are amazing :)

You girls looks amazing. Love the pics. I’m so jealous. I would love to visit too. Congrats to the couple. Okay I might be a year too late but better late than never.

xx Mira

Girls you are beautiful!!
Actually Garazi, your dress for the wedding ceremony is amazing! Love tiffany shades :)

I started following you, would you like following me?

¡Qué bonitas fotos! Aún no he estado en Ecuador, pero es una visita que tengo pendiente.

Te sigo bonita, un besazo.

    Te lo recomiendo, sin ninguna duda! Es precioso! Muchas gracias Elena!


Awesome pictures!

xx Karolina

Que fotos taaan bonitas!

Looks like u had much fun!

unas fotos geniales me encantan .Un besazo
Sorteo de un cheque de 40€ para tus compras en Stylepit.

Really great pictures! Ecuador seems to be an amazing country! :)

Jess :D

Que emoción me ha dado leer este blog y recordar esos momentos!! No puedo creer que ya ha pasado un año! Nunca olvidare este gran regalo de matrimonio, haber podido compartirlo con ustedes no tiene precio. Te felicito por tu increible blog Gara y te recuerdo que las puertas de mi casa siempre estaran abiertas para ti!! Te deseo lo mejore siempre y te mando un gran abrazo!!!

    Muchísimas gracias Vane!!!!! Fue una experiencia increíble! Además nos trataron como reinas, tu family es genial! A ver si nos pronto, quizás en el 2014 nos podremos ver a este lado del charco! :) Ya sabéis que sois más que bienvenidos!! Muchísimas felicidades por vuestro primer año de casados!! Os deseo lo mejor, porque realmente os lo merecéis todo! Un besazo!!!

Pedazo de post! Alucinada me has dejado! Precioso!

Qué envidia de fotos, estás genial!!
Un besazo!

Woow que viaje más guay, ecuador es precioso!!! Todas ibais guapisimas :))

Un besito

Oh thats a wonderfuk trip, u’re so lucky dear!! I would like to go someday :)


great photos, I’m sure you had an amazing time!


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Great photos. You can tell you guys had an amazing time. Bride is gorgeous.

nice photos ;)

What a great Travel Diary and pics! I love it all especially the wedding pics <3

Love Nilu Yuleena,
BIG hair LOUD mouth
BIG hair LOUD mouth FACEBOOK page

I can’t lie. I’m super jealous. It looks incredible!! I really need to think ahead for a sun holiday and you have convinced me to add this too my list. Looks like you all had such an amazing time. You all looked beautiful on your friends wedding day.xx

    Yes we really had a good time! Ecuador is definitely a nice place! Thanks a lot Louise!


Looks like so much fun!! I visited Ecuador last winter and had an amazing experience being a tourist in quito, and then volunteering in a village in tena! I remember the egg on the equator trick, and pouring water down a funnel on each side of the equator!

    Yessss it was so much fun!!! That’s why I chose to show the picture of the egg! :)


Oh wow the place looks like a dream come true! I would so love to visit Ecuador one day, got to write it down on my bucket list! :)
Beautiful photos!

    LOL you should definitely! It’s a wonderful country! Thanks a lot Maddie!


Looks like a lovely vacation! amazing pics :)

You look amazing as always,stunning pics :)

Ohh, qué envidia!! Seguro que disfrutaste un montón! Estabas guapísima con el vestido largo!
Un besito!

Wow, Ecuador looks amazing, and you and your friends are all gorgeous! Jealous! xx


Thanks for sharing your fun-filled travels. Lots of nice pics of some of the beaches in Ecuador. For anyone interested in learning more about the beaches, check out a few Ecuador Beach Webcams.

Can’t wait to visit “middle of the world” myself.

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