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Lima Ché
Garazi Ibarrolaza
Mass Luciano
Onur Erol
Iris Gravemaker
Muriëlle van Schaik
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You can never go wrong with a black pants and a white tee. That's the kind of look I could literally wear every day. Add a biker jacket to it and you're bringing it to an other level. It was love at first sight with this graffiti biker jacket from Francis... Read more »

Muriëlle van Schaik | Avantgardenim


Are you such a big denim lover as I am? Because if you do, you should definitely check out the collection of Avantgardenim. Avantgardenim is founded by the creators of the brand European Culture and its collection consists only denim pieces. Besides... Read more »



Some of you may have already spotted these awesome Missoni bell bottom trousers on my Instagram (@fashionzenblog) but here it is in a closer look! Knitted, high-waisted and wide-legged. I’m hooked. These Missoni trousers are super sophisticated while... Read more »

Mass Luciano | The Weekend Bag

The Weekend Bag

As the summer holidays come to an end, I quickly realize that I won’t have many days off to travel once work kicks up again. Not to worry, there’s always the quick weekend get-away… and to get you out of your end-of-summer blues, here are 7 amazing... Read more »

Muriëlle van Schaik | SheIn lace top and skirt

SheIn lace top and skirt

Told you about SheIn in my previous post, the online shop with a variety of the latest and most fashionable clothing, well here's another post about one of their items: the lovable lace set. The SheIn lace top and skirt are making a perfect, elegant... Read more »

Lima Ché | TLC


Nowadays there are so many relaxing activities. Watching tv can be one of them! Since I discovered TLC, the largest tv-channel for women in the world, I'm fascinated by the stories and can’t stop watching. Those who follow me on instagram @LIMASWARDROBE... Read more »

Mass Luciano | EYSOM - Exercise Your State of Mind

EYSOM - Exercise Your State of Mind

Having a fit body is an essential part of looking your best, but when it comes to gym attire, even the most stylish of men find it hard to wear clothes that are both flattering and functional… until now!EYSOM is a men’s lifestyle activewear brand... Read more »

Frontrow  | Suede Skirt | Fall Winter Trend from the 70s

Suede Skirt | Fall Winter Trend from the 70s

The suede skirt is one of our favorite part of the '70s trends that came back from the past for next fall 2015/2016. Whether done as a mini or midi, the luxe material (real or faux) has the ability to make any outfit instantly more fashionable. With... Read more »

Muriëlle van Schaik | Backless tank top

Backless tank top

The perfect party top is right here! This rebellish but oh, so sexy backless tank top is coming from SheIn. SheIn is an online shop with a variety of the latest and most fashionable clothing. From trendy cardigans, to sexy bodycon dresses and casual... Read more »

Iris Gravemaker | THE ACNE SCUBA SKIRT


  I really like this skirt, it's definitely one of my favourite items in my closet. It from Acne's last winter collection and I am still completely and utterly in love with it! Although it's a prominent skirt it's very easy to wear if you style it with... Read more »



Hello Ladies! I actually really like today's outfit because of the lightweight fabric and minimalistic design. No need for accessories as the look is simple & sophisticated in its entirety. I hope you like it. Have a delightful day Ladies! <3 Salut... Read more »

Muriëlle van Schaik | Sapphire dress

Sapphire dress

Hey babes! It's been a while since I've posted my last article, it's because my laptop has crashed! So I needed to get all my documents and photos on a new laptop. At first I panicked when it happened but I told myself to relax but to fix this sh*t... Read more »

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